Pain Relief
Crystal Light treatments offer pain relief after surgery, injury; freedom and relief from arthritis, inflammation, joint and muscle swelling
Improved Sleep
Crystals have long been used to aid sleep and relaxation. Let our Crystal Light Bed bring soothing and calming energies that help your body relax and lead to a better nights sleep.
General Wellbeing
Other benefits include reduced inflammation, easing sinus and migraine issues, increased mental clarity, balanced pH levels, and detoxification.


Enhanced light energy passes through specially facetted pure quartz crystals, delivering a powerful healing effect directly to the chakra energy vortexes.


Crystal Light bed treatments are non-invasive. At the beginning of the session, the bank of lights is positioned above you and each coloured light is aligned with your chakras or energy centres. The pulsing of the lights through the crystals may create sensations in the body including tingles, gentle pulsations or waves of energy. Most people find it is a deeply relaxing experience

Each session includes a brief consultation about your current issues and your intentions for the session.

Our Crystal Light bed is calibrated for right frequencies of light and crystals and made in Australia.