A map to the soul and its constant development. I read for that spiritual potential, for career and life purpose, for relationships,  for health and travel and major life events.


Using a classical Rider Waite pack,  Faerie, Angel, True Love or Aussie Dreamtime cards, and by my own educations and techniques, let us help you visualise how events and people can impact your fortunes.

Energy Clearing

Realignment to Spiritual Grace, Life and Soul Purpose, can reduce the stress load profoundly. I use Colour, Crystals, Sounds and Aromatherapy with Reiki and Kinesiology practices to clear the Auric bodies and higher chakras back to Earth grounding. 

Space Clearing

In some areas like Gold Coast, Logan, Northern NSW, and in old homes built from violence on native lands, the Land will need restoration and alignment with its devic Kingdom. Ask for a quote for these matters.


A large part of our energies are found in the Void – energy in the hollows and anti-matter of our bodies, Earth and Cosmos.  There are techniques and rituals to accessing these energies and making sense via hearing and seeing and confirming symbols from these dimensions.

In 35 years I have worked within many spiritual communities, in many areas of  ACT, QLD  and NSW and a number of shops and expos for the purpose of spiritual guidance.

I am practiced in Medium-ship for connection to loved ones in other dimensions and to Higher Guidance, Clairvoyance, Clair-sentience, Psychic Forensics, life purpose guidance, past life cellular memory, relationship karma, energy attachment and energy clearing. 


My readings use a combination of palmistry, tarot and clairvoyance to offer guidance for your life.

I can also connect with loved ones who have crossed over and see how past life energy may be affecting you today.

Sometimes the issues we are experiencing in the present can stem from energetic attachments and/or past life trauma.

For energy clearing I use a fusion of modalities, including REIKI, sound, colour, NLP and crystals, to release you from the past so you can enjoy the present.